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Helps U.S Exporters meet officially supported foreign credit competition. When foreign governments subsidized their companies' exports by offering buyers below-market, fixed-rate financing, U.S. exporters often find it difficult to offer financing which matches those subsidized rates. In such case Nexos Financial Services may help promote lenders meet those rates or will offer competitive financing directly to foreign buyers of U.S. goods and services.
Assuming risks beyond those, which can be assumed by lenders and exporters in financing the production and sale of exports.
Finances foreign buyers of U.S. goods and services when private lenders can not or will not finance those Export sales, even with the risks removed.

Working capital

Working capital loans are offer and made to creditworthy U.S. companies for Export-related activities and they can be requested as follows:

Direct loans to foreign buyers enables exporters to overcome financing gaps and compete against foreign subsidized competition.

Guarantees help to reduce repayment risks, and allow lenders to offer financing to exporters' foreign customers with fixed or floating competitive rates.

Insurance is available under Export credit insurance policies to exporters and financial Institutions to reduce repayment risks on foreign receivables due to political or commercial events. Policies may cover single or repetitive sales to single or multi-buyers. As determined by the product, repayment terms are available for: 1. Short-term sales (Up to 180 days, exceptionally 360 days). 2. Medium-term sales (one to five years), Insurance Policies are principally used to cover short-term sales.

* Goods and services sold on repayment terms of one year or more are eligible for loans. Direct loan, guarantee, and Insurance programs assist the Export of U.S. capital equipment, projects and services. Eligible exports include, but are not limited: A. Mining, construction, processing and agricultural equipment. B. Communications equipment. C. Mining projects and processing facilities D. Industrial and manufacturing plants and equipment. E. Power generation and transmission installations. F. Project-related services G. Environmental goods and services. Short-term insurance policies are used to assist in the sale of raw materials, spare parts, consumer goods, fertilizer, bulk agricultural commodities and quasi-capital equipment.

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